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Course Marketing Advice for Instructors:

In addition to Altair Space Academy promoting your course, we encourage instructors to market their courses independently. Venues for this could be through your website, social media posting, or leveraging your existing social and professional networks online or offline.

Tips for promoting the course online:

  • Make course release announcement posts on your social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, etc.)

  • Include your course link in your social media account bios.

  • Share a short introductory video on social media, where you discuss what topics your course touches upon and what benefits it has to offer.

  • Join groups and communities on social media with similar interests to the subject of your course and share all your posts and updates with them.

  • Create a short-bodied blog around the subject of your course, with a call to action at the end, and place them on free blog hosting websites like Medium, Weebly, Tumblr, and more.

  • Consider organizing small online events or webinars where you will briefly discuss the subject of your course. Make sure to let the audience know they can learn more by getting your course on Altair Space Academy. You can utilize the reach of platforms like Eventbrite to get more attendees for your online event.

  • Consider creating an eBook around your course. Promote your course within the book's initial pages and at the end of it. Place your eBook on Amazon and submit it to free book promotion websites.


Tips for promoting the course offline:


Speaking at targeted audience meetups, conferences, and workshops — is an excellent opportunity to showcase your experience and credibility as an instructor and utilize event audiences to drive more traffic towards your course.

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