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Elevating Altair Enterprises: Welcoming Hirokazu Mori to Our Esteemed Advisory Board

At Altair Enterprises, we constantly strive to elevate our position as a leading space education company. It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we announce the newest addition to our esteemed advisory board, Hirokazu Mori. With Hirokazu's extensive experience and expertise in the space industry, we are confident that his strategic insights and visionary leadership will further propel Altair Enterprises towards achieving our mission of accelerating the growth of the space economy.

Hirokazu Mori brings an impressive wealth of knowledge and accomplishments to our advisory board. Currently serving as the Chief Strategy Officer at WARPSPACE, CXO advisor at SPACETIDE Foundation, and APAC Business Development Executive of Blue Abyss, the world's first private astronaut training firm, Hirokazu's contributions to the space sector are highly regarded.

Hirokazu's journey into the realm of astrophysics commenced during his second year of undergraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh. His unwavering passion and dedication led him to specialize in theoretical astrophysics, where he excelled academically, graduating at the top of his class. Recognizing his exceptional capabilities, Hirokazu was granted a prestigious award from the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

With an extensive background in theoretical cosmology research, particularly in gravitational waves and modified gravitational theory, Hirokazu possesses a profound understanding of the fundamental principles that shape our universe. His ability to navigate the complexities of this field has been instrumental in shaping groundbreaking advancements.

As a forward-thinking company, Altair Enterprises is committed to fostering international cooperation within the space industry. Hirokazu's involvement as a CXO advisor at SPACETIDE Foundation highlights his dedication to fostering collaboration and synergy among organizations globally. This commitment aligns perfectly with our vision of creating a thriving space economy that transcends borders.

Furthermore, Hirokazu's role as the APAC Business Development Executive at Blue Abyss showcases his business acumen and ability to drive growth in the commercial space sector. His contributions to this pioneering astronaut training firm have been invaluable, paving the way for the next generation of space explorers and ensuring that the industry remains at the forefront of innovation.

With Hirokazu Mori joining our advisory board, Altair Enterprises gains a distinguished advisor who brings a wealth of experience, a vast network of industry connections, and a deep understanding of the space ecosystem. We are confident that his expertise will enable us to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as we strive to provide globally accessible on-demand learning and supply the industry with the next generation workforce.

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