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Jeff Thornburg Joins Altair Enterprises Advisory Board to Accelerate Space Education

Altair Enterprises, a pioneering space education company committed to driving the growth of the space economy, is thrilled to announce the addition of Jeff Thornburg to our esteemed advisory board. With his unparalleled expertise and vast experience in the space industry, Jeff Thornburg will play a pivotal role in propelling Altair Enterprises towards new heights of success.

We are confident that his strategic insights and visionary leadership will greatly contribute to our mission of providing globally accessible on-demand learning, fostering international cooperation, and supplying the industry with the next generation of space professionals.

A Distinguished Career: Jeff Thornburg's extraordinary career path speaks volumes about his deep commitment to pushing the boundaries of space exploration and innovation. Currently serving as the founder and CEO of two groundbreaking space companies, Portal Space Systems and Interstellar Technologies, Jeff has consistently demonstrated his ability to turn visionary ideas into reality.

Prior to his current ventures, Jeff held prominent positions in esteemed organizations such as Agility Robotics, Amazon, Stratolaunch, and SpaceX. His role as the Sr. Vice President of Engineering at Agility Robotics showcased his exceptional leadership skills and technical prowess. Jeff also played a pivotal role as the Director of Engineering at Amazon's Kuiper satellite project, where he led mechanical engineering and manufacturing teams to revolutionize satellite technologies.

At Stratolaunch, Jeff served as the Vice President for Propulsion Engineering, working closely with the late Paul Allen. His contributions were instrumental in advancing the boundaries of aerospace technology.

Jeff's tenure at SpaceX was equally illustrious, where he held multiple significant positions. As the Senior Director of Propulsion Engineering, he spearheaded the Raptor engine development program for the Starship and Starship Booster. Additionally, he served as the second Vice President of Propulsion Engineering, overseeing flight, test, development, and research operations while actively collaborating with esteemed partners such as NASA and the U.S. Air Force.

Altair Enterprises firmly believes that Jeff Thornburg's inclusion in our advisory board will prove to be a game-changer for our company. With his comprehensive understanding of the industry's nuances and his unwavering commitment to innovation, we are confident in his ability to help us navigate the ever-evolving landscape of space education and industry.

Jeff's experience in founding and leading space companies aligns perfectly with our goal of accelerating the growth of the space economy. His visionary leadership and strategic acumen will enable Altair Enterprises to expand its on-demand learning platform, foster international cooperation through annual conventions, and equip the industry with a highly skilled workforce that will drive the next wave of innovation.

As an advisor, Jeff Thornburg will provide valuable insights into industry trends, technological advancements, and market dynamics, empowering us to make informed decisions that align with our mission. His exceptional track record in the space industry, coupled with his extensive network of collaborators and stakeholders, will undoubtedly open new doors of opportunity for Altair Enterprises.

Altair Enterprises is honored to welcome Jeff Thornburg to our advisory board. His exceptional career trajectory and profound expertise in the space industry make him an invaluable asset to our organization. With his guidance and strategic vision, we are confident in our ability to excel forward, accelerate the growth of the space economy, and revolutionize space education on a global scale. We look forward to working closely with Jeff as we embark on an exciting new chapter of success for Altair Enterprises.

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